Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate

Matterhorn provides subordinate debt and debt-like preferred equity for developments and transitional properties in primary and secondary markets. Sponsors are expected to have experience in executing similar business plans.

Property Types:

Multifamily, hospitality, retail, mixed-use, 

office & special situations considered

Investment Amount:

$4 million to $20 million


9 months to 6 years including extensions


Up to 85%


LIBOR + 8% – 15%, Fixed 10% – 18%


Full accrual and Partial cash payment acceptable


Interest only

Minimum DSCR:

No requirement


Allowed with minimum interest payments

Future Advances:

Lease-up costs, capital expenditures, additional acquisitions


Typically non-recourse with standard carve-outs

Matterhorn provides capital to companies ranging from early stage to middle market firms who want to grow and build their business without substantial equity dilution. Matterhorn Capital Partners is not constrained by typical lender requirements such as minimum EBITDA or sales figures. Nor are we limited to asset-backed lending. Unlike traditional debt financing, we don’t always require covenants and we work with our counterparty to maximize their potential.

Corporate Debt



Investment Amount:

$4 million to $20 million


1 to 5 years


LIBOR + 9% – 14%




Typically open with minimum multiple


Situation dependent

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